FNH inreasing production for the SCAR Line for SOCOM

FNH-USA announced that it is increasing production of the MK17 SCAR-H (7.62), MK16 SCAR-L (5.56) and the MK13 grenade launcher, for orders placed by USASOCOM.

Well we heard that SOCOM scrapped the MK16 plans, and this release from FNH-USA via military.com leads me to believe that they’re concentrating on the MK17 for its modular options:

The heart of the FN SCAR system consists of two highly adaptable modular rifle platforms and a grenade launcher.  Type-designated as the MK 16 and the MK 17, both rifles are available with three different barrel lengths optimized for conducting operations in close-quarters combat, standard infantry and longer-range precision fire roles.  All SCAR barrels are tightly attached to a monolithic receiver and can be easily interchanged by the operator in minutes to instantly meet virtually any mission requirement.

The MK 17 (7.62mm) is also the base of the SCAR common receiver currently under final test and evaluation by USSOCOM.  The SCAR common receiver can accommodate multi-caliber conversion kits.

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FNH USA’s FNP-45 Tactical

Since August is quickly turning into the Red Dot for Pistols optic month.  I’ve decided take a quick look at a pistol I’ve had my eyes on for a bit, FNH USA’s FNP-45 Tactical.  I’ve been looking at this pistol because its one of the only pistols out there that does not have to be retro fit for co-witness install of a micro red dot optic.

The FNP-45 Tactical was designed to sport a red dot optic on top.  The mounting point has a protective cover on top which would be removed and replaced with the appropriate base plate for your red dot optic.  So attaching a Trijicon RMR or Leupold Delta Point would be easy since these companies have bases readily available for the FNP-45 Tactical.  Adjusting the red dot to be able to co-witness with the iron sights can be adjusted with adding shims.

Some of features with the FNP-45 Tactical which makes it a nice grab is the factory threaded barrel, completely ambidextrous controls, modular grip, and a 1913 rail for mounting accessories.

For me, this a tactical all in one package for a pistol (minus the cost for expensive optics of course).  But with FNP-45 Tacticals going under or around $1,000 it makes it an affordable tactical choice.  Hopefully here at Gunblog.com we’ll be able to get a hold of one and give you guys a full review.

Here are the full Specs:

  • .45 ACP
  • 1 in 16″ RH Twist Rate
  • .578×28 RH barrel end thread pattern
  • Length 7.87″
  • Height 6.33″
  • Width 1.58″
  • Barrel Length 5.30″
  • 15 round magazine capacity
  • Double-action/single-action operation with decocking/manual safety levers
  • Made in the USA
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Bowie Tactical Concepts Custom Milling for Dot Optics

Bowie Tactical Concepts BTC

I came across a a posting on Tactical Life about a new service offered by Bowie Tactical Concepts and decided to check out their website.  BTC does an insane amount of customization everything from adding a beaver tail to a glock to slide refinishing.  Now they are taking it a step further offering Custom Milling on your Glock or Smith and Wesson when using a Trijicon RMR red dot optic or the Leuplod Delta Point optic for pistols.

The service may also include your iron sight back ups placed in the front of the optic which I may have to consider for myself. I like the idea of using the red dot aligned with standard sights for even better targeting.  Another plus about this is if for some reason your pistol optic goes dead you can still quickly adjust to your back up iron sight.

You should expect several benifits from doing this to your Glock or S&W:

– Enhanced single hand manipulation gripping
– Clear and full view of the aiming dot
– Better protection to the optic front lense
– Ability to have iron sights in front of optic
– Easier to use a selection of holsters

I highly suggest taking a look at the BTC website at bowietacticalconcepts.com and thanks to Tactical-Life for bringing this to our attention.

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Sig Sauer 556 Pistol Review

Sig Sauer 556 Reviews

The Sig Sauer 556 pistol! Deep down you know you want one, and if you do happen to have one of these, you know what a great machine it is. Based on Sig’s 550 line of rifles they gave us an opportunity to own one of the “Societies” finest.

Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft or “Sig” translated means Swiss Industrial Society. As we all know, European engineering where firearms are concerned are very unique; sometimes to the point of too exotic. Not so with the Sig 556 pistol and its larger line-up of 5.56 Nato rifles. Industrial is a great way to describe the weapon. As with many European firearms, there’s always a beautiful robotic weld to be seen, as is the case at the trunnion block area forward of the receiver.

I’m sure if you ask the marketing department at Sig headquarters, they probably wouldn’t like these rifles to be compared to the AR-15. In fact, I assume that they would immediately say that their weapon is far superior. Is it?

Follow the jump to continue reading the review and to view all the High Res Imagery…

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Welcome New Blog Author & Team Member: George Parsons!

George Parsons Writer for GunBlog.com

Having grown up around guns and been around guns my entire life, it’s hard not to love the tool that is the firearm.  Tens of thousands of rounds fired, some of the rarest of arms I’ve held in my hands over the years.

It’s a privilege to have fired almost every platform and configuration of weapon available since I was a little kid.

Having worked at one of the largest gun stores in Las Vegas has allowed me to evaluate new products that have hit the market.

This is what makes GunBlog.com a great site to bookmark and visit repeatedly! Stay tuned for the latest images, write-ups, and reviews of firearms to hit the market. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook and don’t forget to tell your friends.  There’s so many new and exciting products that we can’t wait to get our hands on to provide a fresh, new, and realistic viewpoint so that you may make a better decision as well.

I can think of no more important right as a citizen of the United States of America than firearm ownership. It’s what sets us apart from the rest of the world in terms of freedom!

Thanks for reading,

George Parsons

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