Ruger SR-556 6.8SPC Rifle Announced!

Ruger SR556 6.8 Rifle Reviews Ruger SR556 6.8 SPC
Sturm, Ruger & Co has just recently announced their all new SR-556 6.8 SPC rifle.  The SR-556  is designed to bring more firepower to the battlefield in an AR style platform.  The new SR-556 6.8 features a two stage piston system that delivers a smoother, cleaner, and cooler weapon when compared to traditional gas driven designs.  It’s one piece bolt carrier does a fantastic job of reducing recoil which not only improves shooter accuracy but also the life and durability of the rifle.

A four position gas regulator gives you the ability to adjust to your ammo or environment and add that to a chrome lined cold forged barrel and you got yourself a serious and accurate weapon. The AR systems may have been done time and time again but I consider what Ruger is doing to be subtle evolutions brining this platform to near perfect.

Troy industries folding battle sights, quad rail and rail covers, and a six position stock prepare you for your own modifications. It features a 1:10 twist barrel that is 16.12″ long and a Mini/SR-556 flash suppressor. Coming in at a total weight of 7.75 pounds minus the magazine.

SR-556 6.8 Reviews Ruger

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LaRue Tactical’s new Backup Ballistic Calculator

LaRue Tactical Backup Ballistics Calculator

Accuracy 1st Backup Ballistics Calculator

Long range shooting has so many variables to calculate; especially now with the ever increasing range that rifles consistently achieve, its almost impossible to get pin point precision without a ballistics calculator.  Well when your PDA or Smartphone dies, what do you need?  A backup ballistics calculator that doesn’t need batteries.

Well Todd Hodnet has  developed a Backup Ballistics Calculator that will help that long range shooter calculate those variables when his or her PDA can’t produce the firing solution (most likely because it ran out of batteries or dropped).

LaRue Tactical will be distributing Accuracy 1st’s Backup Ballistics Calculator; which should be available sometime in September ’10.

Here is the newsletter from Mark LaRue:

Long-gunners and OBR owners,

I’m dang proud to be introducing the Backup Ballistic Calculator, developed & built by Accuracy-1st.

Todd Hodnett (Accuracy 1st) has been quietly working on one of the nicest long-range tools to come out in quite some time.  It’s a round slide rule sort of deal that let’s you routinely make shots that before couldn’t be field-calculated without the use of a handheld PDA.  It calculates all sorts of stuff, all of it important and needed, and it’s simple to use.   Virtually weightless, thin as can be, likely indestructible (don’t quote me) – it’s a veritable monument to practicality.

Mark my word, and I’m saying it right now, no long-gunner should be caught on a mission without one.

If you want to be first to have one, we’ll be taking pre-orders in the next day or two, expecting to ship mid-September or sooner.

That’s it, good shootin’ to all y’all.

Mark Larue

Well I wouldn’t mind to hear what our long range shooters here at would say about this new Ballistics Calculator.  I’ve seen some of our contributors use the Mil Dot Master (pictured right)  and many long range shooters swear by it.  But if this is getting the thumbs up from Mark LaRue, then chances are its going to be great.

I’m curious to see exactly what variables that Accuracy 1st’s Ballistic Calculator accounts for besides the obvious, and how it calculates them.  I’m in no way a long range shooting expert; however, I’ve seen calculators use a variety of different calculation processes–and it would be very interesting to see Accuracy 1sts go head to head with the Mil Dot Master, but we will have to wait till next month to get our hands on one.

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