Gun Law Update: Chicagoans allowed to purchase handguns*.

*comes with a lot of catches…

Chicago Handgun Ban Stopped

Mayor Daley’s proposal to allow Chicagoans the right to own handguns passed unanimously though the city council on Friday July 2, 2010; however, the law imposes some  strict limitations on soon to be gun owners.

One prerequisite is a mandatory 5 hour weapons training class conducted by the police department. Also, potential gun owners are limited to one firearm purchase a month, per adult member of a residence.

There are some legal requirements in order to purchase guns or obtain a license as well.  One being that anyone convicted of domestic violence, DUI, or a violent crime cannot register to own a firearm.

The legislation doesn’t mention any type of limitations regarding how far convictions go back–so that leads one to wonder if someone convicted of a DUI a decade ago would be indefinitely prohibited to own a handgun in Chicago.

You can read the full text of the Mayor Daley’s proposal which passed here:

Responsible Gun Ownership Ordinance

Its going to be interesting to follow how other states are address their current gun laws after this win for gun owners in Chicago.

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Bushmaster ACR “Enhanced Version” Now Available!

Bushmaster ACR enhanced for saleThe New Bushmaster ACR “Enhanced” version rifle is shipping to bushmaster dealers nationwide this week.  What’s so special or different about the ACR Enhanced Spec?  It’s very similar to the basic version except its offered with some great upgrades.  If your new to you may not have seen our full featured review on the Bushmaster ACR yet  so please get familiar with it if you want to understand the basic actions of this weapon.  Below we will list off the differences between the basic and enhanced versions.

New to the Enhanced Spec:

Folding six position telescoping polymer stock with rubber pad and sling mounts
AAC blackout flash hider
Three sided aluminum hand guard with MIL-STD 1913 rails
2 point push button sling

When the basic version of the ACR was released no accessories are parts were available.  I contacted bushmaster directly and they said with the release of the new Enhanced version some of the accessories such as 1 x7″ twist 10.5″ barrel and the stand alone folding stock would reach the consumer market. I’m now on the hunt for these things to complete the build out of my basic version.  I’m looking to add the Eotech 3 x magnifier,  Magpul MOE grip, 10.5″ barrel, and folding stock.

I am most excited about turning my ACR into an SBR capable of firing the Rem 6.8 SPC round.  I need Bushmaster to get on it and release more parts ASAP!  The Enhanced version will cost about 300 bucks more than the basic version, both are amazing weapons and do the job just fine.  In my case I like that magpul hand guard on the basic version and the way it fit’s in my hands and how different it looks from traditional rail systems.  The Enhanced version will cost you 3061.00 at full MSRP.

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