Military Aims for Flying Humvee!

Popular Mechanics is reporting on the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency also known as (DARPA) is interested in proposals for a Humvee that can fly over insurgents conducting night raids or whisk injured insurgents away from the battlefield. Textron, the defense company, says it has the solution—and they have the sketches to prove it.

Sure, the concept looks like a model car you might buy at Toys R’ Us, but the technology is sound, and the engineers think it could be ready to fly relatively soon, according to Steven Reid, vice president of unmanned aircraft systems at AAI, the Textron subsidiary that produced the Shadow UAV. “Envision a Humvee-like vehicle with wings that fold out from the side and attach just above the rear door,” Reid says.

Textron’s plan is to integrate its work on military ground vehicles and unmanned aircraft like the Shadow, and combine it with licensed technology from its partnership with Carter Aviation Technologies, a small Texas-based outfit working on a personal air vehicle for the commercial market. Textron is incorporating Carter’s slowed compound rotor technology, which uses rotors that are similar to helicopter blades but heavily weighted in the tips. As the aircraft takes off, the rotor provides lift, but as the vehicle gains speed, the rotor slows down and the wings provide lift.

The vehicle would have a roof panel that contains wings that rotate and fold out from the sides, as well as a mast that comes up and houses the slowed rotor system. Coming out the back of the vehicle is a shrouded, ducted fan that provides forward motion, and then a series of control surfaces that help regulate speed, as well as pitch, roll and yaw.

Original Article Location: Popular Mechanics

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EMA Tactical RONI Pistol Carbine Conversion

EMA TACTICAL RONI REVIEWSOne of the latest product from EMA Tactical is their new RONI carbine conversion kit for pistols.  EMA tactical is now running a waiting list on their new RONI conversion system that features many of the best aspects of a carbine rifle.

No pistol disassembly required – just “drop” it into the RONI shell and your in business.  EMA produces conversion kits for  Glocks, Sig Sauer’s, Springfield XD’s, Jericho’s, Beretta’s and more. The 24cm upper flattop rail allows for combinations of sight, magnifier or night vision optics.  The RONI also features three Picatinny rails for additional accessories to be added.  You also have the option to order the RONI with traditional flip up back sights.

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New Vortex SPARC optic

Vortex Optics

If there is one industry where the cliche, “You get what you pay for,” holds true, it is the gun industry.  Well, one company has been able to challenge that philosophy; that company is Vortex Optics.

Vortex has gained increasing respect from gun industry consumers (a feat not easily accomplished)  from products such as the Vortex Strikefire.  The Strikefire is an inexpensive red dot system that holds its zero well and has probably one of the best price vs quality ratio out there for any optic.

Vortex is trying to continue the trend with its new Vortex SPARC optic.  The SPARC resembles the Aimpoint Micro line of red dots at first glance, but with a closer look the SPARC varies with a few select features such as how you adjust brightness (a dial on the Aimpoint, a push button interface on the SPARC), and battery life (the SPARC has about 120 hours on full power, whereas the Aimpoint has about 50,000).

If we use the Vortex’s Strikefire as a precedent then it’ll be safe to assume that the SPARC will continue that great price/quality ratio that you get with Vortex.  At a very conservative price of  $200-$300, it provides a great option for those weekend range warriors that don’t have a need to dish out $500+ for a military grade red dot, while still providing them an accurate, quality, and aesthetically pleasing optic.

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JPoint Micro-Electronic Reflex Sight

JPoint red dot sight reviews

One weapon accessory that has been perpetually growing in use and popularity has to be the red dot weapon sight.  You would be hard pressed to go a day at the range and not see an Aimpoint or Eotech sitting on top of someone’s rifle.  Military and law enforcement around the world have all but made them standard issue.  We’ve also been seeing these optics sitting on top of pistols, especially in competitions such as in IPSC.

Well, I’m a very into “tacti-cool” weapon accessories and nothing is much more awesome than seeing a holographic red dot painted on wherever you want to make a hole—so that’s why I wanted to check out the JP Enterprises Inc. Micro-Eletronic Reflex Sight for one of my pistols.  Although it is one of the coolest, and the most accuracy improving accessory that I’ve ever put on my Glock 21c, there are some details that are hard to escape, but the benefits to accuracy may just negate those few concerns.

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Wilson Combat X-TAC Elite .45 ACP

X-TAC Elite .45 by Wilson CombatWilson Combat X-TAC Elite .45

When it comes to the 1911 few companies do it right, Wilson Combat is one of those brands that do the 1911 justice.  Their new X-TAC Elite .45 ACP is an updated 21st century 1911 featuring their very own and unique X-TAC front housing treatment and cocking serration design.  The new serration design offers enhanced grip and Wilson Combat is promising improved durability and traction with both dry and wet hands.

Wilson Combat also incorporated their latest sight configuration named the 1911 Battlesight built with a wide .145 U notch to improve your visual accuracy in a variety of situations.  It’s an interesting design with its half U shape cut out forcing the eye to focus within it looking down to the fiber optic front sight that Wilson has also implemented into the final version of this weapon.  In the end giving you more confidence and accuracy in your target acquisition .

•    Full-Size Carbon Steel Frame
•    Unique X-Tac Frontstrap/Mainspring Housing Treatment
•    High-Ride Beavertail Grip Safety
•    Tactical Thumb Safety
•     3 ½# – 3 ¾# Crisp Trigger Pull
•    Contoured Magazine Well
•    G10 Starburst Grips
•    5” Carbon Steel Slide
•    1911 Battlesight U-Notch Rear Sight with 40 LPI Serrations, Improved Ramp Front Sight with Heavy-Duty Fiber Optic Insert
•    5” Stainless Match Grade Barrel & Bushing (.45 ACP), Hand Fit
•    Unique X-Tac Rear Cocking Serration Treatment
•    Black Parkerize Finish
•    De-Horn for Carry
•    Test-Fire and Zero

•    Caliber .45ACP
•    Magazine Capacity 8 Round
•    Barrel Length 5”
•    Overall Length 8.7”
•     Sight Radius 6.6”
•    Height 5.6”
•    Width 1.3”
•    Weight Empty 38.1 oz.
•    Weight Loaded 46.2 oz.
•    Accuracy Guarantee 1 “ at 25 yds.

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