Steyr to bring the S-A1 and M-A1 pistols to the United States

Steyr Arms has decided to start again importing (or should I say exporting) their M-A1 and S-A1 pistol lines starting this August.  Since the recent rise of the dollar vs. the Euro, and a bulk buying agreement with Austria, Steyr sees that importing the pistol again could prove to be profitable (they previously stopped importing the pistols because they felt with the disparity between the dollar and the euro that their pistol line could not be competitive in the United States).

Steyr will offer the M-A1 and S-A1 in 9mm and .40 S&W. The 9mm M-A1 will feature a 15 round magazine and the .40 will have a 12 round magazine.  While the S-A1 will have 10 rounds available in each model.

Both models have a picatinny rail for mounting a light or laser, ergonomic grip (the S-A1 seems to be a little bit more ergonomic), very low profile, and a mounting point for a sling on the handle.

For me, the Steyr S-A1 looks like a beautiful pistol, and the two features that I like the most has to be the conversion kit, and the low profile–I always try to get my grip on my pistol as high as possible to try to create the most resistance possible to avoid muzzle climb.  From the pictures it seems that this will be easier to do on the Steyr S-A1 or M-A1 than other models out there.

I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these and tell all of the readers about it.

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WANTED: Remington 887 Nitro Mag Tactical for Review!

remington 887 reviewsDear Remington,  I have been searching high and low for an 887 Nitro Mag Tactical Shotgun for our test review…  Heck I would even purchase it at full MSRP to get the job done.  I have been drooling over this beauty for many months now and none of your dealers can get it for us. Need a helping hand here guys. So if Remington media staff is interested in helping us out please contact me at

For those not familiar with the 2010 Remington 887 Nitro Mag Tactical here is the text from their official website:

The most durable shotgun on the planet. Born of the gunmaking expertise that brought you the best-selling, most trusted shotgun of all time, the Model 870, the Model 887 Nitro Mag is an armor-clad warrior here to carry the torch of our great pump-gun legacy through the most extreme conditions on earth. Our Exclusive ArmorLokt process seal the receiver and barrel in a vault of weather-impervious synthetic armor that’s both completely rustproof and tough as nails. Similar to the Model 870, it’s receiver is crafted of solid steel and the barrel is hammer forged to last a lifetime. Twin steel action bars ensure smooth, positive chambering and ejection. And the sleek receiver design, awesome balance and natural pointing characteristics spell trouble for any bird within reach of its 12-gauge 3 1/2″ Super Magnum capability. The extremely rugged synthetic stock and fore-end are ergonomically contoured to offer a positive grip and comfortable handling. Swivel studs are built-in.

For 2010, our new Model 887 Nitro Mag Tactical combines supreme toughness and dependability with a handy 18 1/2″ barrel, a 2-shot magazine extension and a barrel clamp with integral Picatinny rails for mounting your flashlight or other accessories. It also includes a ported, extended tactical Rem™ Choke and receiver mounted on Picatinny rail.

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    5 Days Until We Announce the Winner of the XD-M .45 ACP!

    Springfield XD M 45 pistol

    If you haven’t entered the Giveaway for the Springfield XD-M .45 ACP pistol make sure to do so right away!  The contest is ending in only 5 days!

    1. There are 2 ways to enter. You can register in top right corner of the page where it says RSS Feeds simply by submitting your email AND/OR you can sign up with your name and email for our promotional newsletter in black box that says GUNBLOG EMAIL UPDATES below the RSS Feeds.

    2. For the RSS Feed you will recieve a Feedburner Email, please click the confirmation link. You will then recieve updated emails each time something is posted on the GunBlog website. For our newsletter registration, you’ll get special promotions and information about meets and other cool items that aren’t necessarily posted on the blog. Both these methods are great ways of staying up to date with GunBlog and everything that is happening in the GunBlog world.

    3. When we confirm you have sucessfully signed up to one of the above services, you recieve a drawing in the Give Away.  Our site is very new so the odd’s are good.  Were getting about 400-500 hits a day now!  That’s pretty good considering we officially launched last Monday.

    The Contest Ends and a Winner is announced on August 1st!

    So there it is, It’s that simple, get good updates and enter to win the XDM .45 Contest!

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    New MK-20 Sniper Support Rifle

    MK20 sniper rifle reviews

    Well after only about a month from the DoD’s cancellation of the SCAR it seems that they’re not giving up on other SCAR based platforms.

    The MK-20 is, according to FNH-USA, “is a tailored design for long-range precision fire application while also providing capability to fight close in.”

    So basically its a SASS based upon the MK-17 SCAR.  By the looks of it, its just a SCAR with an enhanced barrel, and extended rail for optics and accessories, and a fully adjustable precision stock.

    It also features an enhanced trigger that requires to adjustments (I’m wondering what the pull is on it).

    The MK-20 looks like a solid contender to replace the aging M14 as a DM with its modular platform and enhanced features.

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    Gun Spot iPhone App Now Available!

    Gun Spot App Reviews

    There’s a new Gun App in town and its a pretty darn useful one.  It’s called Gun Spot and in a nut shell it finds FFL dealers all over the nation.  If you are transferring a firearm and either dealer that you are doing a transfer through needs to know that the other dealer’s FFL number is valid now you can give them the eZ Check FFL number and they can plug that into the ATF’s FFL check web site for quick confirmation.  GunSpot also does this automatically so you can check ahead of time to validate a FFL dealear’s license number.

    With over 60,000 records kept up-to-date from data provided directly from the ATF this is the most comprehensive easy-to-use application. Look up any FFL gun related information quickly and easily. If you are a gun enthusiast and want to know about retail gun information in your area or any area, if you want to discover new gun sources or just want to see what’s around you, this is the iPhone application for you!

    – Every gun store in the country!
    – Data directly from ATF.
    – Integration with FFL eZ Check.
    – Look up via ZIP, CITY, NAME.
    – Find Gun Sellers Near any Address.
    – Automatically saves frequently used addresses.
    – Using GPS Find Gun Stores Nearby you.
    – Add a Gun Store to Favorites.
    – Add a Gun Store to your Contacts.
    – Email info to friend.
    – View gun store web site.
    – Get driving directions.
    – View establishment via google maps.
    – View Gun Store Density in area of interest!
    – Discover places you have never heard of before!

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