“Shoot Out” Event! Big Thanks to Everyone!

On behalf of the team we want to thank everyone who supported this event. Thanks to everyone at the Clark County Shooting Park in Las Vegas for allowing us to hold our first event here. If you haven’t seen the CCSP yet you have to get there.  The Park just opened early this year and while it still has many wings yet to be built in it’s current state its a fantastic shooting area.  Best Outdoor range in Las Vegas no doubt.

We would especially like to thank George from Citadel Gun and Safe Las Vegas who brought the most stunning line up of advanced weaponry.  Without george much of the WOW factor wouldn’t have been there.  He provided instructional support and his personality added to the days fun.  That .50 Cal was Insane!

Team wants to also send a BIG thanks the group of members from who arrived in full force with their Ford Raptors covered in dirt to join the “Shoot Out”.  The day before the GB event Ford held the Raptor Round Up at Las Vegas Speedway Park just near by.  Many of the out of town visitors decided to Join us the following day to do some great shooting!

Special Thank’s to all the visitors at the CCSP who put our GunBlog shirts, signed up for our contest, and joined our group.  We hope it was great  for everyone, we did our best to make everyone feel safe and comfortable, we know how hard it is for people not so familiar with firearms to fire a crazy looking weapon that they have no experience with.

For those of you who couldn’t make it let’s fill you in, the Event was held June 19th Fathers Day at the Clark County Shooting Park.   It was a clean and clear day in the mid 80’s with no wind, simply perfect for a shoot out!  We had the most awesome line up of weapons even more than we originally had anticipated.  Even some of our members and the team brought their rifles and pistols.  It was a good day of shooting, lots of ammo and refreshments, targets galore and the the family fun atmosphere of the CCSP (Clark County Shooting Park) made it a total success.

In the coming months we will be announcing our next Shoot Out!  Don’t forget to enter the XD .45 ACP Give Away Contest!

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Supreme Court rules against Chicago Handgun Ban

Chicago Handgun Ban Stopped

Today, the Supreme Court decided that Americans have the right to own a gun for self-defense, no matter where they live in America.    The decision came from a 5-4 vote on the McDonald vs. Chicago.  Chicago has had a 30 year band on hand-guns, and the Supreme Court’s decision could effectively make that law “unenforceable,” according the Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley.

With the decisions regarding Washington D.C.’s and Chicago’s  handgun bans to be unconstitutional, combined with allowing concealed weapons in National Parks, it seems that gun rights advocates are putting some wins in their columns.

Hopefully with this recent decision, many states will be forced to review their current gun laws.  Granted, the decision does not strike down any current gun laws in place; however, it paves the legal road in favor for the 2nd amendment proponents.  The decision will allow States who have restrictive gun laws (i.e. California) to be forced to review the laws, and will certainly have the law challenged by gun advocacy groups within their state.  Maybe in the near future we might actually see a firearms dealer on sell to a resident in California.

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TP-9 Pistol by Brugger & Thomet

TP9 pistol reviews

One pistol that’s on my short list to check out has to be the B&T TP9.  The DP-9 is used by various European military and law enforcement agencies, and now they’re available for the American civilian market.

The B&T TP-9 is a 9mm semi-auto pistol (the military version is fully automatic) and features a 30 round extended magazine.  The magazines are translucent, so a shooter knows roughly how much ammo he or she has.

It sports a rotating bolt, which will keep recoil down, and has a high grade barrel which lends itself for good accuracy.  The TP-9 also has 3 safeties, a drop safety, a cross bar selector safety, and a trigger safety; allowing it the be carried safely with a round in the chamber.  The charging handle is in the rear, which looks like it functions similarly to an AR-15’s.

TP9 Pistol

My favorite feature of the TP-9 is the customization options.  DSA has been working close with B&T to provide an endless amount of accessories for the TP-9.  With rails galore, and an extraordinary amount of customizable options available, I’m sure we could see some pretty decked out versions.  The select-fire version available to law enforcement is a fully automatic version that features a single-point sling, a sound suppressor, and a folding stock.

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SOCOM Cancels SCAR Project!

FN Scar cancelled MK-16 is reporting that the United States Military’s Special Operations Command has “abruptly” decided to cancel the Mk-16 (5.56mm) variant of the SOCOM Combat Assault Rifle – the SCAR. The heavier Mk-17 (7.62mm) version will, however, remain in the current arms inventory.

According to the report, SOCOM officials say the SCAR rifle in 5.56mm does not “provide enough of a performance advantage over the M-4 to justify spending USSOCOM’s limited…funds when competing priorities are taken into consideration.”

Instead of the SOCOM rifle, there will be additional Mk-17 variants using the 7.62mm NATO round (.308), enhanced grenade launchers, and new Mk-20 Sniper Support Rifles purchased.


Socom cancels SCAR Project( image via Tim Orrock)

The decision puts the brakes on a six-year project to develop a new rifle that was designed from the ground-up for the military.

It will undoubtedly set off another raging debate between decision-makers and the people inside the program who felt the SCAR in 5.56mm offered more flexibility, a better operating system (piston) and better performance in “dusty environments”- like the desert and mountain theaters where troops are currently deployed.

Just over a month ago, FNH, the builder of the SCAR rifle, announced they had cleared the final requirement hurdles and were going into production on both systems. Those rifles were scheduled to be issued in a Mk 16 CQC (Close Quarters Combat), Mk16S (standard), and Mk16LB (long barrel) configuration.

Instead, orders have been issued from SOCOM to turn in the approximately 850 Mk-16s currently deployed to Army Rangers, SEAL units and Naval Special Warfare Combat-Craft crewmen.

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To kick off the inagural event  Today is Giving Away our Springfield XD-M .45 ACP tester. The gun has gone through less than 2k rounds and is in mint shape, clean with all paperwork and boxes. Of course that’s only to someone legally allowed to own one of these.

Rules of the Game:

1. There are 2 ways to enter. You can register in top right corner of the page where it says RSS Feeds simply by submitting your email AND/OR you can sign up with your name and email for our promotional newsletter in black box that says GUNBLOG EMAIL UPDATES below the RSS Feeds.

2. For the RSS Feed you will recieve a Feedburner Email, please click the confirmation link. You will then recieve updated emails each time something is posted on the GunBlog website. For our newsletter registration, you’ll get special promotions and information about meets and other cool items that aren’t necessarily posted on the blog. Both these methods are great ways of staying up to date with GunBlog and everything that is happening in the GunBlog world.

3. When we confirm you have sucessfully signed up to one of the above services, you recieve a drawing in the Give Away.  Our site is very new so the odd’s are good.  Were getting about 400-500 hits a day now!  That’s pretty good considering we officially launched last Monday.

The Contest Ends and a Winner is announced on August 1st!

So there it is, It’s that simple, get good updates and enter to win the XDM .45 Contest!

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