Kicking off tomorrow is the NRA’s 2010 annual meeting being held in Charlotte SC.  Its going to last throughout the weekend and will host a list of special guests, most notably being Sarah Plain and Glenn Beck.  Also on the agenda is a display of new products by various vendors.  Some of these are:

Armalite SPR mod 1 COP (Continuous Optics Platform) kit.  This forged, one piece, free floating upper for your AR-15 allows you to change the placement of 1913 picatinny rails to suit your preference for your laser, lights, grips or swivel points.  You can also purchase different length rails and bottom pieces to customize your setup even more.

Competitive Edge Gunworks’ CROW .308 Tactical.  Competitive Edge Gunworks  boasts an extraordinary amount of craftsmanship with their line of rifles–some of these masterful features include one piece bolts that are locally manufactured at CEG and Broughton barrels that are chambered to within 20 millionths center to bore.  The stock is a McRee Precision Modular System and it also comes with a 3.5x15x56 Night Force Scope.

IO Inc. STG2000.  This Ak variant was orginally designed and manufactured in Germany.  Now IO Inc has taken it and makes them right here in the USA.  Its chambered in 7.62×39 and features unique handguards (that strongly resemble a Sig556 classic).
If you’re in the Charlotte area this week, it will be the event to go to.  We will keep you updated with pics and specs as we get them.  Feel free to send us your own pics if you go to the show; you can email me at

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Barrett REC7 Rifle In 5.56 Nato and 6.8 SPC

Barrett continues to expand this product line by adding the popular 5.56 NATO chambering cartridge to the lineup. The much-anticipated addition has caught the attention of many law enforcement customers. Many improvements have been made to the REC7 line, with many new enhancements included. The most visual changes are the Daniel Defense free-float rail system and Magpul® MOE® six-position stock.

The REC7’s operating system was designed to be soldier-proof, the highest accolade as to which a firearm design can aspire. A minimal number of parts and a clean-running piston system add up to a low-maintenance design with increased reliability. The piston operated system keeps heat and fouling out of the receiver, which means less time cleaning and more time putting bullets where they need to go. Cooler parts last longer, cooler guns run longer. REC7 was made to run hard.

The 17-4 stainless piston transferring energy to the bolt carrier is the most robust in the industry. Its hardened one piece piston is superior to multi-component designs. The bolt carrier, machined from a monolithic block of 8620 steel features an integral piston strike face — no separate gas key to shoot loose and another industry first.
REC7 Lifestyle

The REC7 gas block and gas regulator are chrome-lined for added durability, with a 1913 rail machined into the hardened billet gas block. Operators can configure the REC7 with iron sights or run slick for use with optics. The gas regulator position is firmly held in place with a substantial detent that cannot get knocked out of position with hard use.

The REC7’s forged 7075 aluminum upper and lower receivers are Type 3 hardcoat anodized. The mil-spec lower receiver houses an ultra-dependable single stage trigger. The upper receiver supports a free-floated, 16-inch, chrome-lined barrel with M4 feed ramps. The A2 style flash hider reduces muzzle flash and acts as a standard interface for accessories and support gear.

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Smith & Wesson BodyGuard .380 & 38 Revolver

Smith&Wesson Bodyguard laser pistol
Smith & Wesson just announced the release and specifications of their New BodyGuard 38 & .380 ACP personal protection systems this month. The Bodyguard pistols feature built in laser sights in partnership with Insight Technology a leader in the laser optics industry.

BodyGuard380 Semi Automatic

The BodyGuard .380 was Produced using a stainless steel barrel & slide with a melonite coating. The ergonomics have been enhanced with its manual thumb safety and external take down lever + slide stop.  It’s lightweight coming in unloaded  at only 11.5 ounces.  It’s barrel is 2 3/4″  while overall  the .380 reaches just over 5 inches making it a great personal defense or conceal carry weapon.

It also features a 6+1 magazine capacity and drift adjustable dovetail sights.  The extended finger tab also improves your grip on the pistol. It also features 2nd strike capability for double fire action control and ambidextrous laser controls.

There are 3 modes for the laser sight: constant-on, pulse, off, and 5 minute auto off timer. You  may adjust the laser sight for windage and elevation with no dis assembly required.

Click “Read More” to checkout the new 38 revolver & to view more detailed images and a Video…

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XRAIL Shotgun Systems: just keep shooting…

X-Rail for shotguns

Many of us own shotguns, and I always believed that my Remington 700’s ammo capacity was sufficient, until now.  The XRAIL system by RCI will at least double that capacity with its compact version and the full version will triple it.  The XRAIL system is an add-on for shotguns–specifically for Remingtons, Benellis, and FNHs.  RCI plans to add more models to its computability list in the future; I would have to assume that Mossberg shotguns have to next considering how many Mossberg 500 and 590s there are out there.

Most compact models will add 14 more shells to your shotty, and the full version will add a whopping 21.  That ‘s a serious amount of spray going down range.  The system installs extremely easy and is a virtually toolless install.  Loading the XRAIL is also easy–You just fill in your magazine tube until full, rotate the XRAIL, then fill in the tube more, and repeat until all tubes are filled.   When firing, the tubes will automatically rotate to the next sequential tube as the previous tube is empty.

I would have to say, that the XRAIL would be a great addition to a Benelli for bird hunters, or even for 3 gun competitions.  However, the best application I could imagine for it (albeit highly unlikely) would have to be zombies.  The kits start at $699 for the compact version (14 rounds) to $999 for the full version (21 rounds).  Pretty expensive, but the next best thing to having 21 shells for rapid firing would be the AA12 (yes or a Saiga 12, but they’ve been known to have problems), and I don’t see those coming to the civillian market anytime soon, and when they do, I highly doubt they’re going to be under $1,000.

XRAIL Systems currently available:

1. Remington System:  Works on Remington 870, 1187, 1100 12ga shotguns
* Full Version (22 + 1 rounds) recommended barrel length is 26” *
* Compact Version (14 + 1 rounds) recommended barrel length is 22” *

2. Benelli System:  Works on Benelli SBE, SBE2, M1, M2, M2 tactical 12ga shotguns
* Full Version (21 + 1 rounds) recommended barrel length is 24” *
* Compact Version (13 + 1 rounds) recommended barrel length is 20” *

3. FNH System: Works on FNH SLP shotgun
* Full Version (22 + 1 rounds) recommended barrel length is 26” *
* Compact Version (14 + 1 rounds) recommended barrel length is 22” *
* Includes RCI Replacement Magazine Tube

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Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout (SRS)

One thing that seems common with rifles coming out in the 21st century would have to the modularity of the systems.  This trend stays true with Desert Tactical Arms’ Stealth Recon Scout (SRS).  First introduced at the 2008 shot show, and now seen in the wild, Desert Tactical Arms’ SRS has some unique features that make it a versatile weapons system marketable to LEO, military, and the weekend shooter/hunter.

The first thing many would notice about this rifle is its bullpup design.  Desert Tactical Arms has improved on the bullpup concept with this rifle, specifically with the trigger (bullpups have been notorious with having awful triggers since the unique way the linkages have to be longer to connect the sear and the hammer at the rear).  DTA improved on this significantly, creating a single stage match grade tigger which is adjustable from 1 to 6 pounds–also there is an ambidextrous safety located just above the trigger which can be manipulated from fire control very easily.

 The main advantage of the bullpup design would have to be its ability to keep the precision shooting system as compact as possible.  Even with a suppressor, its able to be more than 3 inches shorter than the AI AWSM-338 LM as you can see in the photo.

The big feature about this rifle though has to be the interchangeable calibers.  In short, the rifle’s barrel and bolt can be changed to fire a .308, .300 win, .338 LM, or a .243.  This provides for a wide variety of options while maintaining a shooting consistency.  It allows a shooter to train with multiple calibers without having to change the platform–shooting mechanics can stay constant.

The rifle boasts a .5 MOA guaranteed, free floating match grade barrels, match grade triggers, and a promise from DTA that the rifle will return to zero with a barrel change.  The stock length is adjustable as well with the removal or addition of the rubber pads at the rear.  One feature that is missing would be an adjustable cheek piece–this however is expected since the bolt assembly rests in the stock of the weapon.  This drawback is somewhat addressed by DTA by providing optional one piece scope rings which are specifically designed for the rail height of the SRS and will accommodate 56mm or smaller scopes .  The SRS also comes with a free floating aluminum quad-rail which provides ample space for mounted accessories.  Check out the pics for stats and info.

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