New SureFire Z2-S High Output LED w/ Strobe

Surefire has just released a strobe version of their Z-2 flashlights dubbed the Z2-S.  Its compact, utilizes a high-intensity single-output LED just like the Z-2, however it sports a very disorienting strobe and has double the output strength of the Z2 (80 lumen vs. 160 lumen).  Its constructed with with Mil-Spec hard anodized aluminum so there’s all the reason to assume it’s going to have the famous durability that SureFire is famous for.

The Z2-s is activated by pressing the tail-cap rubber-push button and to activate the strobe one must press it 3 times–I personally would of preferred just 2 times, the third time seems unnecessary and maybe could prove to be a liability in the worst of situations.  Also you must twist the tail-cap clockwise for a constant-on in either mode, this could prove cumbersome for some with not-so-dexterous fingers while a Z2-s is mounted on a carbine.

The strobe has become increasingly popular especially with law enforcement for its superb ability to disorient a target, which one second of pause can give a substantial advantage.  Well now, SureFire is tapping in to that market and joining the bandwagon for making strobe combat lights.  I’m positive that we’ll see more of SureFire’s impressive product line come out with the strobe feature and sport the -s identifier in the future.  One thing I’m curious about is if the strobe will work as well and as predictable, with a lumen increasing modification such as a TX-4 Conversion head from Tactical Night Vision Company.  It would be nice to have a few extra lumen to blind a perp.

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POF Gas Piston Rifles now coming with Timney Drop in Triggers

Two companies synonymous with excellence in the gun industry, Patriot Ordnance Factory and Timney Triggers are teaming up.  POF has decided to place Timney drop in Triggers in all of their new gas piston carbines and rifles.  The trigger group will also be an add in option for other rifles they sell.

Timney triggers are widely known in the AR world for having excellent characteristics, not to mention the skeletonized models look extremely cool.  The triggers featured in POF’s rifles will be a single stage, 3 lb pull and will take only .030″ to pull and reset the trigger.

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Stag Arms 8H and 8HL Uppers

Stag Arms has now released their new 8 series gas piston uppers.  We’ve seen these on the increasingly popular Stag 8 and 8L; well now we can just purchase an 8 series upper and swap out our current uppers and have a new, quality gas piston AR-15.  Both the 8 and 8L (for lefties) are identical  to their full rifle version counterparts.  Stag Arms is known for their excellently built AR-15, and is the only real AR manufacturer that makes full left handed versions.

The 8H and 8HL uppers would be a great option for left handed shooters that already own a standard AR-15.  It would also be a great add on to have a gas piston system.  Priced at $899, it would be an easy and affordable conversion.  Here are the full specs:

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Affordable Night Vision: ATN’s Aries MK 410

Night vision used to be an unobtainable technology; something more reserved for special forces or elite military units.  Well, time has moved on, and night vision products have become increasingly popular in the civilian sector, especially with hunters.  As time has passed, and new generations of night vision have been developed, the first generation night vision products have become increasingly affordable.  One example of this is ATN’s Aries MK 410.

The Aries MK 410 is a first generation night vision rifle scope that features an illuminated red reticule which can be adjusted for brightness,  5x magnification and dedicated 1/4″ windage and elevation adjustments.  It’s powered by a single CR123A battery and has a 40-60 hour battery life according to ATN, which is quite impressive for a NV scope. 

The MK 410 also sports ATN’s IR450 infrared illuminator which should help that field of view in total darkness while using the scope.  The scope will fit any standard 1913 picatinny rail system.

For being a first generation scope I’m really curious about the exact distance this NV scope will be affective at.  It makes me wonder, will the 5x really be that necessary if this thing can only clearly see 75 yards in total darkness?  I realize this product is aimed at mainly hunters, since many target shooters don’t shoot at night, and hunters at night are going to be closer to their prey. 

Nonetheless, with a less than $600 dollar price tag for what seems to be a solid NV optic, you really can’t go wrong. 

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Kel-Tec PRM 30 SMG Prototype

Kel Tec PMR 30 SMG

Kel-Tec has recently produced a developmental prototype based off of the PRM 30 pistol.  They claim that this new fully auto pistol can feed 30 rounds of rimmed 22 WMR 100% reliably.

It features a conical flash hider and the ability to hold 3 magazines in the stock.  This is a very nice feature giving you the ability to carry 90 rounds plus the 30 in the gun. The PRM 30 SMG prototype would need a 16″ barrel and be produced in semi auto to go on sale to a decent sized market.

In my opinion the conical flash hider looks a bit wimpy and attachment area that holds the stock onto the pistol could use some beefing up. 

Kel-Tec Says:

The PMR-30 SMG is a full-auto only developmental prototype. It is not available for purchase, and was specifically created to prove that 30 rounds of rimmed 22 WMR can feed 100% reliably.

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