AK-200 Rifle: The Next Generation AK

Next Generation AK Rifle finally revealed!

I was reading through a couple of gun blogs and forums this week and came across an update on the future AK rifle which will most likley be named the AK-200.

The new AK-200 will feature a high capacity 60 round magazine, folding  skeleton stock and finally gobs more picatinny rails for your upgrades and attachments.  Rumor is that the gun will be offered with a bipod as well and birdcage designed flash hider.Off the start it appears it will be manufactured in the Russian city of Izhevsk which is also the same location where the famous Kalashnikovs are assembled.

The spokesman for Izhmash said:

“The AK-200 is designed to contribute to a full-blown modernization of the Russian Armed Forces. Significantly, the new model is based on the AK-74, internationally known for its reliability and ease of use , the AK-200’s sophisticated design is fully in tune with new demands for waging modern warfare. The new Kalashnikov differs in weight and the magazine capacity, citing a 60-cartridge magazine the AK-200 is equipped with. It is safe to assume that the new Kalashnikov‘s characteristics are on a par with those of assault rifles currently used by NATO troops.”

GunBlog.com will keep you posted on any new info about the 21st century AK rifle, for now have a look at the pics below…

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(source via thefirearmblog.com &  Glocktalk.com)

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Armalite AR-10 .243 Winchester Limited Edition

Armalite AR-10 .243 Winchester Limited Run

For the first time in six years, ArmaLite is producing its AR-10 chambered in .243 Winchester. This limited run is the direct result of customer requests for an ArmaLite chambered for the ultra-accurate .243 ammo.

The .243 Winchester round fits this AR-10 platform with no alterations. It has much less recoil than .308 rounds. Because of its high speed and accuracy, the .243 makes this ArmaLite perfect for game including deer and coyotes.

The first limited run of AR-10A4’s in .243 has just come through the line. A second run is set for this Summer. Contact your local ArmaLite dealer for details.

The AR-10A4243BF features:

• ArmaLite’s two-stage tactical trigger
• A 20” match grade chrome moly barrel
• Picatinny gas block
• Flattop Picatinny upper receiver
• Forward assist
• One 5 round and one 10 round magazine

(written by Tactical-Life.com)

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Smith and Wesson’s new SD9 and SD40

Smith and Wesson have introduced a new line of pistols, the SD9 and SD40.  The SDs are specifically designed to be a self defense/home defense pistol with a lower price point than the M&P.  Since M&P stands for Military and Police, I assume the SD is for Self Defense since that’s how Smith and Wesson is marketing them.

The SDs are a striker fire, polymer pistol with the .40 able to hold 14+1 rounds and the 9mm able to house 16+1.  Besides capacity, both models share identical features which seem to resemble both the M&P line combined with the Sigma line of pistols.  They have a picatinny rail for attaching a light or laser, and probably the best feature is that they will come standard with a tritium front sight post.  Although this is nice, I still would of rather it came with a full night sight set and not just the front sight; however, Smith and Wesson probably did this to keep the price down–which is very reasonable at $530 dollars.

I think they SD would be a good entry level gun or home defense handgun for people not interested in Glocks, or do not want to shell out the few extra hundred dollars for the M&P or other pistols such as the Sigs.  I feel its biggest competitor would be the Springfield’s XD models due to its price point; however the XDs are a proven value, and I’m interested to see if the SDs hold up.

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Remington 1911R1 Handgun

Well after not producing a 1911 for almost a century, Remington is in the handgun business again with the Remington 1911R1.  The 1911 is epitomized as the quintessential side arm of the military, and Remington’s 1911R1 continues that tradition with traditional styling of their newest pistol.

The Remington 1911R1 features diamond-patterned checkered walnut stocks which are reminiscent of the original 1911.  Another aspect that is similar to the original 1911 is the controls; the 1911R1 has the grip safety, has no beaver tail, and the slide release is just as it was back in 1940’s.  It also has “Remington” engraved down the length of one side, and 1911R1 down the other.

The 1911R1’s sights are typical 3 dot sights, something which is not true to the original 1911 however they’re widely popular today.  The front sight resembles a Novak style dovetail sight, and Remington is going to be offering sights in the future.  It also sports a match grade barrel and gun journalists who have shot it have raved about its accuracy.  The pistol is finished in a satin black oxide and just looks like a classic 1911 that we all are so familiar with.

The new Remington 1911R1

With a entry price point of only $699 dollars, and Remington’s name behind it, it would be safe to speculate that Remington is going to be selling a lot of these 1911R1s.  Remington is also going to be selling accessories and upgrades for the 1911R1 in the future.  With all of those features at that price point, we could see Remington come out on top of the saturated 1911 market.  I know I’m going to be on the look out for one.

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M4 Vs. AK-47: Is U.S. Army Outgunned in Afghanistan?

By Jeremy A. Kaplan – FOXNews.com

Despite the ages-old rifles in Taliban hands, reports suggest our soldiers may be outgunned in Afghanistan’s hills. To counter, the Army plans a slew of upgrades to curtain weapons — and several entirely new guns.

Taliban fighters in Afghanistan are attacking U.S. Army soldiers with AK-47s, while the army relies upon the M4 Assault rifle. The AK-47 uses a larger bullet, which leads to more kickback upon firing. Some reports indicate that the U.S. Army is looking to upgrade the weapons being used in Afghanistan to larger caliber guns.

An AP report published over the weekend in Army Times argued that the M4 rifle’s light bullets lack sufficient velocity and killing power in long-range firefights. The report states that the U.S. is considering a switch to weapons that fire a larger round, one largely discarded in the 1960s.

“What’s the right caliber?” asks Jim Battaglini, executive vice president with Colt Defense and a retired major gen with the U.S. Marine Corps.  “The debate has been ongoing for over 40 years, with pros and cons for all options being considered.”

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